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Day 2: Basins to margins

Conference dinner follows afternoon session

Conveners: Al Fraser, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom
Nick Kusznir, Liverpool University, United Kingdom
Scot I. Fraser, Shell Exploration & Production, Houston, U.S.A.
Gianreto Manatschal IPGS-CNRS-EOST, Université de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France
Session chairs Al Fraser, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom
Gianreto Manatschal IPGS-CNRS-EOST, Université de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France
09:15KeynoteHuismansLinking lithosphere deformation and sedimentary basin formation over multiple scaleshuismans_id34
OralKusznirOCT Structure, COB Location and Crustal Type at Rifted Marins from Integrated Quantitative Analysis: Maximising the Value of Deep Long-offset Seismic Reflection Datakusznir_id35
OralGillardTectono-magmatic evolution at distal magma-poor rifted margins: from crustal breakup to lithospheric breakupgillard_id36
OralPerez-GussinyeModes of extension and oceanization at magma-poor margins: An example from the Brazilian-African marginsperez-gussinye_id37
OralHigginsTectono-stratigraphic evolution and variability of the offshore Central South Atlantic basins --- Implications for margin evolution modelshiggins_id38
OralLewisSeismic and stratigraphic expression of heterogeneous crustal deformation during South Atlantic rifting, Campos Basin, Brazillewis_id39
OralCowieThe Palaeo-bathymetry of Base Aptian Salt Deposition on the Northern Angolan Rifted Margin and the Composition of Underlying Basementcowie_id41
OralBumpRifting, Subsidence and Evolution of Benguela Basin, Angolabump_id40
OralSabato-CeraldiInsights on the Opening of the South Atlantic from the Evolution of the Pre-Salt Lacustrine Carbonatessabato-ceraldi_id42
OralDrachevLaptev Sea: A Natural Laboratory for Studying Breakup of Continentsdrachev_id43
OralMazurLaptev Sea – amount and style of continental rifting based on gravity modellingmazur_id57
Session chairs Nick Kusznir, Liverpool University, United Kingdom
Scot I. Fraser, Shell Exploration & Production, Houston, U.S.A.
KeynoteBruneNumerical modelling of rift dynamics: Linking observations on fault, basin and global scale.brune_id29
OralAlveyGulf of Mexico crustal structure and plate kinematics from gravity inversionalvey_id58
OralLymerA new 3D seismic academic dataset across the west Galicia marginlymer_id60
OralRestonThe deliberate search for the subtle fault at magma-poor rifted marginsreston_id61
OralWatremezDeep structure of the Porcupine Basin using seismic refractionwatremez_id62
OralRobertsThe Morocco-Canaries Atlantic margin – a classic rifted margin or a more complex failed-breakup basin?roberts_id63
OralBastowContinental breakup, the final stretch: seismic reflection and borehole evidence from the Danakil Depression, Ethiopiabastow_id73
OralThompsonGenesis and evolution of the Punta del Este Basin, offshore Uruguay: the relationship between crustal structure and normal-to-oblique rifting during the formation of the South Atlanticthompson_id94

:!: Wine reception and conference dinner to follow this session after last talk

Poster (Student)PrivatSedimentology and architecture of early post-rift submarine lobe deposits; the Los MoUes Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentinaprivat_id86
Poster (Student)ChenSeimic Structure of the Crust and Upper Mantle of Porcupine Basin from Wide-Angle Datachen_id77
Poster (Student)McDermottThe use of velocity analysis of long-offset seismic data to interpret the seaward-dipping reflectors imaged along the Argentinian and Uruguayan rifted marginsmcdermott_id76
Poster (Student)DavyContinental hyper-extension and mantle exhumation at the ocean-continent transition, West Iberia: new insights from wide angle seismic.davy_id59
Poster (Student)CresswellUntangling the faults: Using 3D data at the Galicia margin to determine faulting historycresswell_id94
Poster (Student)RowlandsNew insight into a dynamic early rift system and associated break-up volcanics; 3- dimensional geometry of Seaward Dipping Reflections (SDRs) in offshore Uruguayrowlands_id18
Poster (Student)ColemanStructural Styles associated with Fault-Propagation Folds in Salt-Influenced Rift Basins: Halten Terrace, Offshore Norwaycoleman_id54
Poster (Student)Illsley-KempActive Rifting at an Incipient Oceanic Spreading Centre: A Study of Local Earthquake Data in Northern Afarillsley-kemp_id56
PosterSwartThe geology of the Namibe Basin, Angolaswart_id55
Poster (Student)LodhiaUplift histories and sedimentary flux at passive margins: Examples from Africalodhia_id46
Poster (Student)ShmelaInvestigation of scaling properties of fault populations in the central Kenya riftshmela_id95
Poster (Student)PernerDepositional systems and palaeothermal history in an active rift-graben setting and its effect on hydrocarbon systems, Upper Rhine Graben, Germanyperner_id85
Poster (Student)MageeLateral magma flow in sill-complexes: towards a paradigm shift in volcanologymagee_id83
Poster (Student)Bayrakci3D joint refraction-reflection travel-time tomography of the Galicia 3D wide-angle datasetbayrakci_id47
Poster (Student)BeniestThermal reconstruction in extension tectonics: coupling geodynamic modelling with petroleum system modelling, the South Atlantic conjugate margins as a case studybeniest_id89

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